Comment: It’s a War of Words

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It’s a War of Words

These words are thoughtfully and purposefully chosen. A lot of public servants; heads of government agencies, government spokes people and elected representatives rely on wording, phrases and even entire speeches that are written for them or otherwise conveyed to them by professionals. And of course we know that the talking heads on TV most certainly do not utter a single word of their own. It is no secret that words and phrases have both a conscious and subconscious effects on the reader or listener.

Another one of these that irks me is the word ‘Authorities’. I’ve noticed main stream media and public employees (I refuse to use the word ‘officials’) have been using this word quite frequently in recent years when referring to government agencies. They are not the ‘Authorities’, they are our employees. WE are the authorities.

Just as an aside, I noticed that the author of this post used the word in his commentary following ‘Amendment 1’. That’s not meant as a dis to the poster, but merely to point out that these words do get into our subconscious and that even we who are skeptical and on guard are not immune. We too need to be careful and thoughtful of the words we use.