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Comment: Usury = Bank's Instrument of Control.

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Usury = Bank's Instrument of Control.

The Bank’s chief instrument of control is USURY : i.e. Interest, > Time as basis of increase on deposits or loans of money. Money is considered the medium of exchange, the value carrying fluid used in economic transactions (liquidity?). It$ similar to = as blood is to the body of the living, nourishing and distributing energy.
Usury is not a person or a thing, and it cannot be seen in darkness or ignorance. IT$ a ticking-$ystem to govern and dis’locate persons and things. It$ "Idea" is the % rate in the false concept “Time i$ Money, ! Wow ! “.
Think about it, is it really ? Magic ? Yeast ? Driven by the manic-$wiss-rotor, i.e. the systemic-pulse =(tick-tock), moving/ adding monetary-digits, 00$00$0
The working ferment that bubbles-(pumps, puffs & sucks) is visible to all those who care and find courage to SEE. Verily, it$ HERE, - you have to seek The True Light. It$ symbol of power is manifest in the obelisk and clock-tower.