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Comment: I have to re-visit that clip now and again....

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I have to re-visit that clip now and again....

Yes, the Brothers for Mothers Day video is priceless. I come back to that clip every few months for a good laugh. It never gets old.

On a more serious note, I lost MY Mom on July 1, 2006. Even though it has been almost 7 years, the reality of knowning that she is "not here" continues to hit me like a shockwave. For a looong time, it seemed so....impossible!

In life, we usually have options and opportunities....the ability to change things. But death is so FINAL! It is non-negotiable! Never have I known anything to be so "permanent".

On the bright side, my Mom's Mom is still aliove and we are celebrating HER, Today!!! For this opportunity, I am deeply and greatly-BLESSED!!!

Robby Lane