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Comment: My story is somewhat similar

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My story is somewhat similar

I lost my mom when she was 49, and I was 17. She was diagnosed with skin cancer on Oct. 31, 1988 and died on May 2, 1989 (right during the time they are hyping up mother's day on every TV and radio channel). I was a senior in high school and totally preoccupied with my boyfriend/friends drama and getting into drinking and stuff that worries mothers. I just could not get it through my head that she was dying. I kept thinking she'd get better. Six months wasn't a lot of time to grow up and get over myself.
By the time I realized she was dying, I was paralyzed with fear and could barely talk to her. There were no goodbyes or last minute apologies. I had so many regrets and was devastated with grief. It took about 10 years to feel normal again.
You never know how much your mother is a part of you until you've lost her.