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Comment: FOR Romney? No dear, to keep my seat because WE ARE THE FUTURE

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FOR Romney? No dear, to keep my seat because WE ARE THE FUTURE

Let's get something straight, I worked very hard to get Ron Paul the GOP nomination. If you think I wanted to join the GOP, you would be incorrect. If you believe that it was easy for me to register to vote Republican, you would be incorrect. If you think that I was not afraid to go to a GOP committee meeting, you would be incorrect. I did all of that, and walked my prescinct, got my petition signed, qualified, and was seated on my county GOP for Ron Paul. I had NO help (and this may mean nothing to you, but the GOP had a party, everyone showed up and signed each others petition. I did not go to any party. I did not sign any of their petititons.. I promoted RON PAUL. And I won).

I led the Ron Paul campaign as a district leader for four counties; Del Norte, Humboldt, Trinity and Mendocino County, where my district had more votes FOR Ron Paul than any district in CA. My County placed third behind San Francisco and Santa Cruz (far more populated). While you may not appreciate MY EFFORT, which cost me thousands of dollars, tons of time, it's OK because I KNOW I am appreciated here, because where I was, the ONLY Ron Paul Republican on the committee for a year, now there are four of us and (2 about to be seated) We are the majority (and to be very honest, my committee is better than DP when it comes to being around LIBERTY MINDED ACTIVISTS).

There are some states, like Nevada, that do not have LOYALTY OATHS (which like ALL candiates, YOU MUST SIGN.. loyalty Oath, Oath to the Constitution, and a 470 Will Not commit purgery).

You are so way far off base about assuming that I would join the GOP to join a neocon agenda.. I joined the GOP to remove the Neocons from their seats and we have succeeded in my county. Was it worth it? YES!!!

Romney means far more to you than me. To me, Romney ran to lose. Meanwhile, because I have to SIGN MY NAME to the envelope of my ballot (and the past treaurer worked as ballot inspector.. so if I walked in and handed her the ballot, she would have opened it and seen who I voted for.. and if she saw anying besides Romney.. I would have been removed from the committee and charged with purgery). I'm well know locally and at the county recorder's office where I know the clerk and she me.. she's a Republican.. think she would have looked? (She did, chair told me they did not trust me to vote Romeny).

My Loyalty Oath was signed IN THE COUNTY CLERKS's OFFICE, and ALL ELECTED in CA sign,. or you don't get the seat/office. That's the law.

I think that signing a loyalty oath to take a committee seat, to become a national delegate for Ron Paul, and keeping that oath when Ron Paul didn't win, is principled. Had I not, my community could rightfully call me a liar and a cheat, charged me with purgery and what good what that do me personally? It wouldn't.

Seems to me you don't understand what is principle. Principle means even when you LOSE (as Ron Paul did) you don't run away..

If Ron Paul had won the nomination and the neocons broke the oath and voted Romney because they didn't want Ron Paul? You think that would be OK? That is what you are chastizing me for, and you think you are principled by damning someone who did exactly what Ron Paul would have done?

I have removed the tyrants from my committee, replaced them with Ron Paul Republicans, and you're crying about that?

I have no idea what you are talking about running other's live? Not interested in running your life or anyone elses.

At the CA GOP Spring convention I made a point of meeting Karl Rove and I confront him, very kindly.. I told him the gig is up, the people are catching on and oppose the Neocon agenda. Rove said, "Who do you want?" I said, "Rand Paul". He said, "I gave rand $2 million. I siad, "It's not enough Karl. We're here and not backing down".

Karl Rove did not expect to meet a Ron Paul supporter face to face. Frankly, I think it worried him, because he saw Ron Paul supporters as grunts working the convention floor.

Thanks to DP members who supported me to the events at the convention, I broke through.. and I will not be the last.. and Karl knows it.

As for this idea that you have that I'm on some power trip.. I don't know where you get that. I believe that controlling MY LIFE is a big enough job for me. Control your own.

I joined th Libertarian Party in 1976 and fought to legalize marijuaana and end the war on drugs until 1993, when I went Indy (because the LP SUCKS.. they did NOTHING to help us pass Pro 215 in 94. It passed in 96. The National LP threw every LP hard working member under the bus.. REPUBLICAN Bob Barr? REPUBLICAN Gary Johnson.. why do they nominate REPUBLICANS?

I was registered Indy (Decline to state party, now known as No Party Prefered) until Ron Paul made his second GOP presidential run. I absolutely REFUSED to join the GOP in 07/08. In 2011.. I KNEW RP was not going to leave the GOP, so I joined him. It was an effort.

I don't regeret it.

Beside bashing Ron Paul Republicans, what effort did you make.. you voted for Ron Paul on election day? Good for you. If I did not intend on keeping my committee seat and ridding my county of Neocon control, I would have too. As it is, I made the better choice, for me, my committee, my community, my county, my state.. and now.. RAND PAUL 2016!! FULL STEAM AHEAD.