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Comment: My "efforts"

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My "efforts"

would not please Neocons and statists so I am not about to blather them all over the DP. Only you would name drop Karl Rove. Enjoy your hobnobbing with the statists and king makers. How on earth do you figure Rombama won the nomination with all the cheating and bullying going on, from Iowa onward? I'll still expose your toadying Neocon statism and plotting every chance I get.
So you have no support for the other lies you spread on this forum about me? Switched tactics to attacking me for not being an active enough statist in the Republicrat "party"? As far as I can tell, judging from your actions you appear to have been a plant in the Paul camp in the beginning. You weren't the only one who had no difficulty ditching their libertarian principles to become a Neocon "player", "dear".