Comment: What a shame

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What a shame

The man who paid for the ad says he did it to educate people. But he uses maps that are incorrect

What I really don't understand from Americans is why they focus on Israel instead of themselves?

If you sincerely believe indigenous people deserve their homeland, why don't you move back to where YOUR ancestors came from? Why are you pointing your dirty fingers at someone else except to cover your own GUILT for occupying native American lands and Mexico?

Don't you believe in the golden rule?

As for the ad provoking piss.. what good is that? Where is the LOVE?

Now, I would LOVE to see a map of the USA and it's occupation of the native American tribes that were displaced and slaughtered for you.

That was ok huh and why you still live here?

Ron Paul says Israel is our friend.. if you don't agree maybe Ron Paul isn't your guy afterall?