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Comment: I Have Gone Back

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I Have Gone Back

to MY own comments and find that some are not totally coherent. I think I am tired from caregiving. Thank you everyone for your support and encouragement. I hope nobody here thinks I am seeking attention (like it has been suggested) I was merely venting here because DP is where I feel the most simpatico. Or used to anyway. Thanks though. No offense to all of you that have posted kind comments here. Like I said, I am tired and I really need a break. Much thanks to all of those here that understand. I feel for all of you here that have to deal with the kind of issues I deal with on a daily basis. It's a tough job and a hard decision to make to dedicate ones self and their family to caring for an elderly relative. It affects the WHOLE immediate family and I am thankful I have one that supports me. And I thank all of you that have too!