Comment: Great here we go again...

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Great here we go again...

I give it a week before this one evolves, compiles, grows, and morphs into yet another 'proven' false flag MK Ultra planned OP too.


Did anyone ever stop and think maybe these are being done so close together and so often to make all the false flag claims for every event become so typical, expected, and so common place that people quit looking into them and automatically discount them?

Uh ohes... What to believe, what to believe? Psy-ops everywhere, at every turn maybe...

So much info, misinfo, and disinfo out there that maybe nobody will pay attention anymore and the road becomes wide open?

Cry wolf too much and we all know what happens.

It's even more strange that already there's a post on DP that brings MK Ultra back to the forefront of everyone's mind, conveniently right at this particular time.

How about dat.... Spooky