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Sorry, (((((Granger))))). Had to vote you down on that one.

My grandparents came in through Ellis Island and there were no Native
Americans anywhere around there. Guilt? Hardly. Rather, those "Americans" who treated them with total disrespect and disgust, despite the fact that my grandparents were hard working and never took a hand out from anyone, much less the government, should be the ones covered with shame and guilt about what THEIR ancestors did.

Israel is the aggressor in this case. There is no way around that fact. I personally knew some devout Jews who were so excited to finally go to visit Israel, only to come home to America in total disgust for what they saw happening to the ACTUAL natives (both Muslim and Jewish) at the hands of a bigoted Zionist government. Both groups were treated worse than second hand citizens by the conquering immigrants from Eastern Europe and the USA. (Their religion was Jewish but, not one single drop of their blood.)

Israel conquered Palestine. Israel is now a country. I accept that fact. What that government has done and continues to do, I do not accept as anything even close to resembling "LOVE". It is certainly not the Israel prophecised in the Bible. Just a poor substitute, devoid of Love.

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