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Comment: Liberty has nothing to do with

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Liberty has nothing to do with

accepting an opposing viewpoint out of "love". In fact, greater love and respect is evidenced by showing them how their viewpoint is wrong than by accepting it. Koeners view is that all viewpoints are morally equivalent and he disparages principle. He attempts to negate the idea that there are morally superior viewpoints while at the very same time disparages those who disagree with him as not "loving" enough, a view he obviously considers morally superior! Neither does his pointing out that many pro-lifers are inconsistent in upholding their principles prove that those principles are wrong or not morally superior and logical. Failure to maintain the standard does not negate the standard.
His libertarian principles appear to be very weak as he uses statist code words like "finding common ground" and presupposes the idea of overarching statism, calling for political "selling" to those of opposing views so "we" can all agree or at least "love" each other as they cram theirs down our throats...because that is the essence of political "selling" and statism. His idea that "orthodoxy" is somehow evil and the opposite of liberty is ridiculous, a back door attack on traditional religion and reveals his bias toward the ALWAYS Good and Noble "change" so beloved of the statist. Chesterton would chew him up and spit him out.
A true libertarian understands that you don't HAVE to love or like your neighbor as long as we all live and let live. It is when you try to force associations, conformity, moralities and collectivism that "we" all have to "love" each other and agree.....but not because it is in the Bible, of course, but just cuz he said so.