Comment: I don't know if Dr. Paul has addressed this yet..

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I don't know if Dr. Paul has addressed this yet..

My guess is that he would not support any anti smoking laws and that if someone was not happy being around someone who was smoking, they could try to make the case in court to claim damages that would be very hard to prove were provoked from inhaling the smoke.

I am a smoker and would have no problem listening to someone complain about the smell and possible negative health outcomes of my actions from someone who does not smoke. I would and do my best not to bother anyone with my smoking habit.

Do smokers who don't own a car have a more negative effect on "public health" than non smokers who do own a car? What moral standing could the government possibly have for banning smoking outdoors when it is one of the major sources of air pollution by burning millions of gallons of fuel to keep the machine running?

BTW.. If you don't smoke cigarets, don't start now because it really is an unhealthy bad habit at least when it comes to the respiratory system. If when all factors are accounted for, like "stress reduction" (this is my personal belief), I don't know if the negative cost to my respiratory system is a fair price to pay for the negative effects that may manifest if I became more stressed (ya this may be the nicotine talking.).


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