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Israel is a JEWISH state, as lands are still in dispute.

Am I not a Catholic because I don't have a drop of Roman blood?

Balfore treatey established JEWISH and ARAB states. The League of Nations established Israel as a human waste land to DUMP the unwanted Jewish populations in Germany, Russia, Poland, Argentina, and many more including the USA (who refused ALL letters asking for Amnesty from Jews, and returned the letters to the likes of Stalin, who took those letters and executed the authors. To this day, nations continue to purge their Jews and why so many continue to flood into Israel for hopes of finding PEACE (and like the Jews before them, handed guns and told to fight it out. And they do.

Like our own government, while I do not agree with what any president in my lifetime has done in many areas, I still call myself an American, and I'm glad to be in America. I see Israel the same way, and I agree with Ron Paul.. Israel is my friend, and I think MY government needs to get out of Israel's way, and let Israel do what it needs, and wants to do, to establish PEACE. And YES, I believe it is ISRAEL that will establish PEACE, not the Philistines,

So.. The League of Nations empties the INNOCENT Jews (semetic blood ot not// this is a nonsense argument, unless you really believe that I am not Catholic because I don't have Roman blood) and force them into wars.. (much like the USA did to my Mother's Grandfather.. no sooner did he step off the boat, and they marched him right back onto another ship, and FORCED him to fight in the Civil War, because back then, LIBERTY was something one had to fight for and earn).

The Jews fight and win. But people who HATE Jews have always hated that the Philistines didn't wipe them of the face of the Earth. How would you like that (((((Nonna)))))? How would you like being born and raised in a prison before WWII only because you claim to be Jewish (they didn't care if you had Semetic Blood.. why is this an issue for you)? And then.. You who have been born and raised in prison are shipped off to a land given to you by a world that HATES you, given broken arms, and told FIGHT FOR YOUR LIFE!

So you fight, and you win. And still the world HATES you... No matter what you do, you are accused of being THE AGRESSOR. So, you meet someone, have children, make the best of your lot... after all, you have freedom.. and yes, that freedom is so important VERY IMPORTANT.. you LOVE it.. you love dancing, reading books for entertainment.. you love the arts and science, and with others like yourself, you build a state that parallels the freedom only known in the USA (as a military brat I'm well aware that most countries are not as free, even with this police state,, which is happening because as the UN tries to make us ALL equals.. many people live in countries, especially Muslim Countries where as a woman.. you have no rights. Your life is arranged, and while it's true that there are people who find freedom in bondage (I don't have to decide what to wear today, it's a Burka everyday.. don't even have to pick a color.. that's freedom).

So here you, and your JEWISH state, Orthodox, Ashkenazi, Farci, Sophardic.. have taken what was forced onto you, and made the desert bloom.. and YES, Israel built a state that rivals NYC.. it is cosmopolotian, speaks English, you as a woman can wear what you want, smoke, drink in public, get a tattoo of a flamingo on your head.. smoke pot, no curfew.. marry who you want or not, have medical help.. you have all this, and still, the WORLD (Thank you Jesus for showing me THE WORLD for what it is).. it HATES you (And more than half HATE Jesus too).. and that is the side you choose, and in the name of LOVE?

Israel is FREEDOM and if you don't get that, you don't get Israel. Freedom isn't free. Everyday Israel fights for freedom, and I'm with Israel.

So goes Israel, so goes the USA.