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Exactly wrong

You wrote, "Koener's view is that all viewpoints are morally equivalent and he disparages principle."

False. That is not my view and I specifically say so in this speech.

You wrote, "He attempts to negate the idea that there are morally superior viewpoints"

Also false.

I explicitly say in this speech that I believe in absolute Truth, and that we should strive for it, and try to live by it.

I also state that I believe political arguments - including on the particular topic at hand - should be made from principle. I also specifically say I am not a relativist.

I don't mind disagreement, and (as per this talk) can respect your views if they differ from mine but I object to false statements of my views.

There is obviously a difference between A) believing there is no morally superior view (which I do not agree with), and B) believing that there is a morally superior view, but humility is still a good policy because we are imperfect vessels for morality.