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Comment: Bank = Piggy = Whore.

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Bank = Piggy = Whore.

See Andy Warhol's paintings - "The Bank" -

To de’scribe the diff'errant aspects of U$URY i.e. % interest, many fat books would be required. We will try and squeeze it in a sentence for you : IT$ = “A Per Second Charge For TOUCH’ing Money”, for / of the Bank. At times IT$ even charged for ‘let’ing you think - you are ‘feeling’. Oho, similar to a Prostitute in Per’son or her sub-statute Pro’jected on-to your in-screen.
Hence beware, do not touch the bank’$ money, makes you poorer.
So, the one who owes the (most) highest amount is the poorest of all. Check-U^P, the Govt. of U.S.A._(man-ager De Le ‘super’corP) owes by the tons, i.e. over U$D:16.86 Trillions (16,860,000,000,000+%). “Oh! What a heavy sum”, to pay. How do they manage the ‘interests’ ?? Aha ! (Fort Knox in Print+^+B.I.S.).

Dis’closures may surprise the naïve, but most banks had started in an Inn, a Proxy Parlour, with a Prime PurPose to Pay a Pimp & Pray - “Priests lips slip, lisp”. When banks get-along-side the temple and hotel, BIS zoomsss'sky-scraping.