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Agreed... Typically folks

Agreed... Typically folks prep with some dreamed up future scenario to prepare for. So many people envision a little house on the Prairie scenario, others mad max, and yet others see Germany WW II. It could be a super bug, nuclear war, and one of a million things in our future. The one thing I can promise everyone of you for certain is death from life on earth is in your future.

While you are horizontal enjoy it. If lawless killing and people starving become the normal I certainly won't fear death. In fact in that scenario I would fear living. All I am saying is balance it out. Don't live for the bad days. Enjoy the good ones. If life gets as bad as some predict it won't be much of a life no matter what you have.

How many people prepped and spent tons of time getting ready for an event and are now in a cemetery? As much as we want to control our future we just can't. I think God chuckles as we plan our future. Build a tornado shelter and an earth quake hits... Buy fire insurance and it floods... It takes faith to live find it... We have to adapt to whatever the future brings... We will never be able to cover all the bases. Again who would want to? Life is to short to try.