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Comment: My mom had fun writing crazy excuse notes

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My mom had fun writing crazy excuse notes

to the high school when she let us be absent for whatever reason. "P was absent because of the lumbago." Stuff like that. The school was not amused, but there was nothing they could do about it. She also wrote lots of letters to the editor of the local weekly newspaper, using hick talk to make fun of and exposing the corrupt county supervisors. She quit the letters right before her eldest child started high school so that we wouldn't be discriminated against by the teachers because of her locally famous writings. Even so, my high school teachers used to ask me if JE was my mom!! She taught her kids, by her example, to be irreverent towards governmental authorities.

She is a published poet with the Sacramento poets group and earned a M.A. in American Literature.

She died a couple of years ago at age 81.

P.S. I ought to add that she taught me to read with McGuffy's Primer when I was four. I remember it like it was yesterday.