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Comment: hehe I ripped my dad with that one

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hehe I ripped my dad with that one

Nothing ignites a fire between us than taxation. He bitches at me about being against unfair taxation.

So one night I said taxation should be fixed at a rate, to which he agreed vociferously.

Yep, 0 percent.

Boy that got him angry. He hung up on me that night. I still love him though, he's my dad.

Taxes are his hot button. He's a tax and spend guy on issues, but in action, he's a save money guy and avoids paying as many taxes as possible through various means. He tells me I need to play the game so I pay very little taxes. So I tell him, yes, like no taxes. That's MY money. Then he launches into tirades, usually about roads and I tell him that's what the gas tax and property taxes are for.

Some battles you can't win. Maybe even some of our state taxes go towards roads, but as far as I know, roads are mainly maintained by gas taxes and property taxes.

I wish we could privatize it. I would live on a farm on a dirt road.

In any case, I love me some Mark Twain. He was an interesting character.