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Comment: Today I spent a few hours with my 89 Y.O. mother

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Today I spent a few hours with my 89 Y.O. mother

And our small, but loving, family. On Mother's Day we all see her but never all at one time. We have always come on that day when we could. This year it was organized to show Mom a solid wall of love and support.. we just found out that she has some form of cancer. I have to go to the Dr.tomorrow with my Mom and sister to see what it is and what is going to be the recommended treatment.Her Birthday is Oct 5 and the goal for the family is AT LEAST 90!
My mother has always been so practical and stoic that it is somewhat of a joke within the family. When she was told that she had cancer and I expressed my sadness she said "Oh my God, I'm going to be 90years old ..I have to die from "SOMETHING"! tomorrow I will go with my Mom and hear the probably really bad news and help her make some hard decisions along with my sister.I will love her and support her decisions with my whole heart .I will do all in my power (of legal attorney) to keep her from pain and keep her in her home. (though she has never had me make that promise to her "because that is selfish")to love her til the end and keep her beautiful life beautiful. This was a great Mother's Day because my mother's love brought us all together once again. she loves us therefore we all love her and each other.