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Comment: Why would Adam Kokesh want to do this?

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Why would Adam Kokesh want to do this?

The extremes in terminology will be used in calling Adam Kokesh either a Patriot or a crazy man. Such extremes were used to describe the Founding Fathers as well. So be it. Does Kokesh have the right to march on D.C. even if one other person shows up to accompany him? Yes is the only answer. The neo-Nazis marched on Skokie, IL in the mid-1970s, a city with a very high Jewish population, because it was their right to do so. Does Kokesh have the same rights as the neo-nazis?

After what Kokesh experienced with this police brutality at the Jefferson Memorial, he doesn't need to prove anything else to anyone. Yet, he intends to.
RT's Adam Kokesh brutally arrested for dancing at Jefferson Memorial