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Comment: This article is ridiculously hysterical.

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This article is ridiculously hysterical.

"The Mail On Sunday today exposes the massive international security risk posed by a gun that can be easily made with new 3D printers."

Oh no!

Not a £1,700 piece of plastic that can fire a single bullet!

Why this is the harbinger of the apocalypse!

Wait, till they figure out that people can still buy semi-automatic hand guns on the black market that are cheaper than £1,700 and are easier to obtain than a 3d printer.

I suppose they are more concerned that it was able to be smuggled onto the train.

But, if somebody wants to kill someone on a packed commuter train, a one shot pistol is less effective than a knife in a confined space.

Last I checked people weren't stabbing eachother to death on trains very often.

I don't think this pistol is much of a threat to commuters.

In the end, what did they prove?

That a piece of plastic can be smuggled onto a commuter train.

Call me optimistic, but I don't think the world is going to end because of this.

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