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Comment: Adam Kokesh and Alex Jones, and Peter Schiff, and Dr. Paul, and

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Adam Kokesh and Alex Jones, and Peter Schiff, and Dr. Paul, and

And Rand, and Gerald Celente, and Doug Wead, and Charlie Sheen and Oliver Stone, and we are change and all at the daily paul, and Tom woods, and KRS-One, and professor Griff, and Rosanne Barr, and Vince Vaughn, and Max Kaiser, and Jordan Maxwell, and Korn, and the 10's of thousands whom came out for Ron Paul town hall Keaton's, and Webster Tarply, and Michael Tsarion, and doug Stanhope, and Donna Di Ericho, and all the congressman and women, and Senators, and hundreds of Dr. Paul supporters whom were active community organizers and registered staunch republicans, and new blue republicans (like Robin Koerner) and john stossell and the far left life lOng Dems whom weren't going to settle for another 4 years and apologized to me for not voting for Ron in 2008, and were joining our movement in mass, and Johnny "rotten" Lydon, and all the wonderful Authors, and cavalcade of famous musicians, and Socially loved celebrities of whom along with world class scholars, and Peter Thiel, and ALL OF US, and Our Loved ones, and etc. etc. etc. SHOW UP, in Mass beyond Sleeping giant waking up and take this real world issue of Tyranny and unchecked power and banker scumbags pillaging, and murdering, and lying, and TRUE BELIEVERS IN LIBERTY, AVENGING THE DEATH OF THIS NATIONS TRUE DESTINIES, and showing the monstrosity and outright conspiracy on WE THE PEOPLE, THE FEDERAL RESERVE/ IRS SIAMESE TWIN DEMON SPAWN THRU THE BRUTALITIES REAL LEGACY AND NOVELTY OF WHICH MAKES ME SAD FOR ALL HUMANITY, when there are some of you hear who'd criticize this Dicotimy, the wisdom of ALL NAMED HERE, and perhaps our sweet opportunity, TO POSITIVELY ACCEPT THIS CALLING OF ALL OF US and use Technology, these forum things, and all other things that make up the millions truly who have less then two months to JOIN ADAM AND ALL THAT WE SHOULD QUICKLY MOVE WITH HIS PLAN OF GREAT SIMPLICITY, to take the higher rode and give all and all and show up in numbers where publicity would be something so amazing in it covering every media outlet, twitter. Face book, My space , radio, network and transmitting news and entertainment industries with a viral so viral that in one fell swoop we could refresh everything!!! By having sheriffs and active military, ARREST THE KNOWN SCUM from the bush Cheney, Gingrich , Obama , bill and Hillary, holder, Reno, Biden, brazinski, Rockefeller, JP Morgan, Dulles brothers, CIA anti us agents and provocators and black water agents, and monsanto executives, and Goldman Sachs bankers, and federal reserve /IRS, TSA DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND terror inc . And the likes of some 5,000- 10,000 criminals whom we know to be in DC that 4th of July 2013 day of RECKONING
WILL BE THAT OF THE TRUE new REVOLUTION!! And ultimately showing numbers of real patriots who will only fire if fired upon, and do you think theyd be able to have there forces and reserves armed to the teeth maybe but outnumbered almost 100,0Oo to one, be able to stop us, don't u see it's now or never, as we could then take bake our nation, show the world our true nature and intentions, over turning in a declaration all the military industrially complexes mass mind control, and demand we stop our participation in imperialism and destruction of this planet further by officially ending our pursuit to start ww3 in the middle east, whole hearted apologize to the iraqi's, and every other nation whom we've been bitch ass bullies, and start our new nation ADOPTING DR PAUL'S BEST IDEAS ON GOLD, interventionalism and fiscal conservatism and bring our neighbors i.e the liberals and neocons who would be so shitting themselves and we can maybe share in such a wonderful scenario of which the fOunders would be alive in spirits and the world could actually believe in the greatest of true libirties in full bloom and that is the American dream not blasphemy but unity/undivided. A chance that if we don't the federal reserve big brother police state will find us sOoner then I'd like to believe. This rant is for truth and honesty and is a further calling to stand ready and with Adam in what could be the greatest Coup and bloodless revolution ever to know history!! It really could be this easy!!! Peace love and wisdom.

Duane Allan Smith
Interplanetary One