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Uri Avnery

There are many Jewish people [both in Israel & outside] staunchly opposed to Zionism. There is NEVER going to be a single mention of any of these in any mainstream media. Zionism hurts Jewish people who have nothing to do with statist propaganda. There are many Jewish people (conveniently labeled "self-hating Jew" by Zionists) who simply wish to make peace with Palestine, and have warmonger lies be over with. Some of them are secular, some orthodox, some Communist socialists, some straddling middle levels of religion affiliations. Opposition to Zionism doesn't necessarily have anything to do with level of affiliation to Judaism.

A very prominent name of course is Uri Avnery. He is a former Zionist. For long period of his later life, he's a staunch anti-Zionist. He was even member of Irgun once. In his young days, he was a member of early incarnation of IDF, participated in war against Egypt as member of Israeli military. He is himself a secular Jew. After experiencing negative effects of official Zionist policies, he had a big change of heart & dedicated his life for achieving peace with Palestine.

It is hard to find a bigger "former Zionist" name, with so much anti-Zionist work.

Following are 3 parts of landmark Hebrew documentary called "Uri Avnery Warrior for Peace". I've been unable to find a single contiguous youtube upload. Please put up with 3 broken segments, and share them around.

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