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Excuse me?

"The West has made China what it is through the sweat of taxpayer dollars and now it seems they are going to stick it to everyone. I will not understand how incredibly stupid everyone for the most part has become. 50 years ago people would not stand for such BS."

This coming from a subject of a regime who has enjoyed the exorbitant privilege of printing the World's reserve currency for over half a century? This coming from someone who has the privilege of earning $20/hr for a job his counterpart may earn $0.15/hr in China? This coming from someone whose tax dollars are paying for the frontal and flanking military encroachment of every defenseless available side of China? Hello! They save. The US borrows. Despite the colossal advantage the US regime has had and consequently its subjects, we blew it. Get used to it. No one did it to us. We did it to ourselves.