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Folks here who are informed are well aware not all jews are for Israel. In fact, even orthodox jews know the truth and decry what the state of Israel has done and does.
Watch this one minute of truth.
Zionism IS a NWO device. I would, as you asked, elaborate on the fact of Israel as a puppet in the Middle East, as you asked but I have not time today for more here on DP with this topic. I ask you to go research it yourself, as honestly and objectively as you can by putting aside your current conclusions.
Everyone here who understands the truth understands this and it is called consensus, not collectivism. Bankers and the NWO don't "want" Israel anymore than they "want" religion in the sense of "having and caring for"...what they DO is USE Israel as a lever in the middle east to destablize everything so that they can take possession of central banks and oil and resources (incidentally, Iran's is one of the last central banks not owned by the Rothschilds). So in a way, you are correct they don't "care" about Israel in any traditional sense, but they DO care about controlling it as a key tool in the world takeover. Religion has a very similar utility for the NWO (no, they don't WANT to be christian) -- they use it's fear-based emotional power to manipulate world opinion and they have clearly succeeded in this charade for decades. Please, please, please try to return to some research on this from an objective angle -- it's hard. I was one of Israel's strongest defenders at one time. It has been a bitter pill of truth to swallow the last few years, but swallow it we must in order to ever hope for real peace. My last word on this with you. Remain stubborn if you want -- you are free to do so after all. But it is a dangerous position of ignorance that you hang on to in my view.