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Comment: LOL- adopting an 18 yo

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LOL- adopting an 18 yo

With the tax breaks you get for adopting - I might start adopting 17.5 year olds - every year!!!!!! ROFLMAO.

AHH- back to plants - two things I see here:
1. Yes - your house may be colder and that does affect the growth. I heat my house with wood- it is never cold - my kitchen stays around 80 all winter - we often open the doors for fresh air. I usually have seedlings started well before we stop burning - towards late April early May we slow down on burning - but the house is still warm -just not hot.
And the P deficiency is often not caused by lack of P in the soil - the cold soil will inhibit the uptake of the P. By warming the soil - you getter better utilization of the nutrients.
2. One think I see people do - they put the plants near the windows - trying to get the good old direct sunlight. The problem is the air at night comes right through the glass and can be significantly lower than the air temp of the house. I use a wire rack(24 x 60) and hang 4ft shop lights with 6500k bulbs. I put the rack on the inside wall of the kitchen(which is the only south facing room I can use) - it gets some natural light during the day - but it doesn't really matter - the bulbs do the real work. This keeps them from getting a chill at night.

I did buy some replacements this year(and might have to do some more since we are getting a hard frost tonight - really odd here this late) - and I do chuckle - tomatoes peppers eggplant(and they are only about 1.50 to 2.00 for a six pack so 30 cents a plant isnt crazy) - I can see getting the small ones in the trays if you cant start from seed - but cucumbers and squash - it doesn't get any easier - throw in the ground and they grow.