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Comment: What a travesty!

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What a travesty!

They took $5,000 of that man's money and for what?! Plus the whole idea that it costs more to sue the police to get your money back than it is to just forfeit the money opens the door for the police to steal as much as they can. And are their superiors ever going to frown upon this behavior when they get their share of the money? I mean that is some serious banana republic stuff right there. The cops can just steal from people??? And what's up w/ the comment at the 3:43 mark of the video where the officer says "I don't know honestly if we can, if can't link it to drugs, it's still a currency violation".

What is a "currency violation"? Is it illegal to carry large amounts of money in your car or something? That certainly doesn't sound like it should be a law (assuming it is one). This seems like a gigantic racket to steal from citizens.