Comment: Kids do get overwhelmed

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Kids do get overwhelmed

Life has a funny way of dealing out consequences to your actions. If he skips track practice then he risks being kicked off the team. If he skips track events then he not only misses the opportunity to compete but also lets his team down and again risks being kicked off the team.

Now, it's possible that he can be honestly tired and just unable to push himself up when he's tired. I'm able to get up after a couple of hours sleep and then work all day. I do so through grit and determination of getting done what ever it is that I have to get done. Children often don't have that determination naturally. It would either have to be something they are obsessed about or they just have to have learned this skill to know what they are capable push past what would make you comfortable.

As to what she should have done... This is hard. I personally say the job of the parent of an older child is to talk about why he should have got up and gone anyway. Explain to him the risks and the responsibilities and the consequences. For my kids, if they are sick home from school, I cut out all electronics and ask them to do homework or stay in bed and sleep.

I would rule out depression or overwhelm first. I would see if he's avoiding track for a reason or if he is in general wanting to escape pressures or he's experiencing profound sadness. After that, it's my opinion that it's only a matter of a child finding their grit to push through to meet their responsibilities regardless of a little temporary discomfort.

And that's my opinion