Comment: Is this the "New Daily Paul?"

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Is this the "New Daily Paul?"

I have been trying to stick up for the tradition of being able to ask ANY questions on this site, and allowing the public debunking, trolling, bunny hole diving to play out in full view. I've been called some pretty unflattering things for that effort, and I have tried to set my emotions aside, and find my peace and make peace with Jon.
I wound up back at this thread, and this comment jumps out at me today.
"Currently, as I go away on vacation, Joη is working on a solution for the front page. When I get back from this trip, I have a new job waiting for me, so I won't have the luxury of time to choose the best stories for the front page, or tinker as much with the site.

The front pages will be individualized based on your preferences. And for non-members / non-logged in users, the front page will be determined by your votes."

It appears to me that Nystrom wanted posts to be judged on their merits in general, although that left a pretty serious "gray area" regarding that which shall not be questioned. And so it fell to the talented Jon to make the call, the talented Jon who was so critical in making the DP what it was.

Thank you, Jon. The DP has been an amazing journey, and I truly appreciate whatever you have done to make it happen, and to make it easier for Nystrom. I do find myself wondering if you will be taking a more comprehensive role when Nystrom starts his new job?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.