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Comment: I just want you to know I

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I just want you to know I

I just want you to know I know where you are coming from. I help my sister take car of my mom full time. I am 59, she is 60, and mom will be 88 soon. Many of the things are similar, however you may just have it a little worse. We are doing our darndest to protect what we can of my late father's wealth but we get hardly any help from the other siblings (of which there are 10). This is unbelievable but they just do not care wether they get any inheritance or not. They absolutely refuse to work for her money at all. Oh well all I can say is that I did what I could and kept as much as I could from the thieves we call "healthcare". If my sister goes down we won't have a choice but to put mom in a home and all the squawking from the lazy fools will be too little too late.