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Comment: Ben Swann is MSM Dis & Mis info programmer: YES

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Ben Swann is MSM Dis & Mis info programmer: YES

Ben Swann LEADS his interveiws with statements such as, "Now don't you mean such and such?", "Don't you mean to tell us such and such?".

What makes you think MSM, which Swann is contracted, gives HIM a free pass? Is it because he's handsome? Did he pay them? Why would MSM allow BS to reveal the truth? Is it because it's not the whole truth? Could that be possible?

Seriously. Is it possible BS is not a beacon of truth but contracted to appeal to those who supported Ron Paul? Isn't that what PROGRAMMING does? Take from the public the buzz and format it as something they can SELL? Is truth for sale?

I'm not pulling any socialist card with ((((((sharky))))) who is more handsome and honest than BS. Sharky is one of my favorite posters on DP. I LOVE his passion. He's got brains, heart and and a good soul. He's able to think inside and outside the box, holds onto his convictions, yet able to refine them.

What I did was provide Sharky with a link that shows Sharky making the same argument as the ORGANIZED SOCIALISTS. Maybe he didn't know. Maybe he did. And I KNOW, he has NO problem standing for what he believes, and frankly could give a damn if they are socialists or satanists.. as long as Sharky sees them as telling THE TRUTH, he will defend them.

So while I may not agree with Sharky on defending socialists or satanists (as he has not responded to my post as of this post to you, (((((((Dear Jiminy Cricket)))))) I have no doubt, that Sharky, if he chose to respond, will post an intelligent answer.. an I may actually learn something.

BS is handsome.. syria girl (why not publish her real name since she is so FREE?) is foxy and you bet, MSM and all propegandists, KNOW, it's not always what's IN the package that matters if you can sell the package..

I apologize if you see what I have posted to sharky as "cheap shots" for they were not intended to be.