Comment: "There's no silver shortage" - LOL!

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"There's no silver shortage" - LOL!

We used silver as "short term" savings for money to develop the farm. (We did quite nicely, thank you, even selling in the recent "crash.") It was sort of an interesting journey...
We try to shop local, went to the pawn shop in town to sell the first time, got straight spot. I was thrilled. Next time, a modest premium, OK. Next time, the owner was out and his employee was just an idiot - offered to look each one up for numismatic value but would only pay face... Went back the next day, paid a slightly higher premium. By now, it was worth it check other dealers, my husband found a shop near where he worked. Paid a reasonable premium that was substantially less than the local guy. One day, we needed to get some cash and did not want to run to the valley, so went back to the local guy. He offered us 1/4 spot. Understand, my husband was there in "farming" clothes, he looked like a bum and he'd been selling silver all summer. This guy thought he had a desperate person in front of him. I wish I'd have been there to see the look on his face when my husband said "Well, I'll buy everything you have for that price." The guy admitted he had NONE.
The price drop finally got to us, we had to find a way to buy a little, so my husband went to the place near where he worked. The guy had very little, we cleaned him out. He then put us on a list to be notified when he gets more. He said we would go to the top of the list, since we had sold him some.
By the way, the biggest dealer in the Boise area (and so probably Idaho) was out.
Thanks for your insight. I've said for years, the day that Bob the electrician is offered paper silver, things will get very interesting, very quickly.

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