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Comment: Cudnoski's Law

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Cudnoski's Law

My oldest brother gave our Mom (80 years old) an IPhone for Christmas and it only gets used on holidays. Whoever can't make it by to see my parents calls them using the Facetime feature and the whole conversation ends up being about how to work the camera.
None of my other 4 siblings could make it by to see our Mom (they actually had good excuses) so they tried (in vain) to Facetime her. This is the conversation I heard 4 times yesterday.

"Hey Mom, Happy Mother's Day...Can you see me?" - Sibling
"Is this thing working? Oh, hey baby, oh look Dad, it's ----, I can see you, can you see me?"-Mom
"I can see your boobs, hold the camera up" -sibling
"Is this better?"- Mom
"Yeah, but get your thumb off the screen, did you get my card?" - Sibling
"Yes, thanks for the money, is this better?" -Mom
"I see the dog now, I think you switched the camera, get Suzanne to fix it, Suzanne, you there?" (I fix the camera)
"Ok, that's better, I can see you now, can you see me?"- Sibling
"Yes, can you see me?" - Mom
"No Mom, it's back on your boobs, hold the camera up for Pete's Sake and use that money I sent ya to buy a bra!" - sibling
(Mom, Dad and my preteen sons giggle, I roll my eyes)
"Well, quit looking at my boobs and I can't hold the phone up, my arms are tired. Just call me later on the regular phone honey, I love you." -Mom
"Alright Mom, I love you too." - Sibling

I hang up phone for her.