Comment: Could I get a little assistance, please?

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Could I get a little assistance, please?

I just went to post this, and discovered my posting privleges have been revoked without explanation. Perhaps it was the psot below?
Anyway, there are a couple interesting articles in the news today, if someone would be so kind as to make a thread of these, I think most DP readers would appreciate it.
Will Grigg exposes more Idaho tyranny here:
TED Talks bans one of their lectures because it did not kiss enough bankster butt here:
Suspicious0bserver is starting a new forum and producing a "dummies guide to watching the sun" here:
An Alpaca rancher has a really awesome fodder feeding set up here:

Have a good day, folks. I hope to see some of you at the new forum S0 is starting, cutting edge science!

Anybody know when Nystrom gets back?

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