Comment: I don't think so--

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I don't think so--

Alex' voice makes me crazy. Rand is not Ron. Ben Swann I have heard of, but I don't know why/how he has fallen into disfavor. Adam Kokesh is extreme and probably has major PTSD; he has done some questionable things, yes. John Birch; his society has been hijacked (got funding from Rockefeller)--

but I know people who know Alex who say he is the 'real deal', a genuine article, even though he thrives on drama.

Rand is in the senate, and he has done some good things.

Don't know what the issue is with Ben; I thought he was pro-liberty.

Adam led the veterans in a march on D.C., and he got Ron Paul's name out there, even though at times he also appeared to be on the other side.

John Birch--I never knew him, just the society he founded, and one of the most brilliant lectures I ever attended was given by a John Birch leader (though I never joined the society)--

No human being is perfect. Take the good and leave the bad, I say.

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--