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Comment: BS is not contracted by MSM?

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BS is not contracted by MSM?

So MSM give BS a free check? I don't turn on MSM, and that includes BS. I don't see THE TRUTH in MSM as anything but partial for the purpose of misleading.

I'm sorry, that you are sorry, that you supported my trip to the CA GOP Spring Convention. It was a good experience (priceless really) and I THANK YOU for that!

Did you open the link and read what the socialists said? Do you disagree with what they are saying about Syria (Syria girl agrees with them)? It appears to me (((((sharky)))) you are making exactly the same argument as the socailists for Syria. If you agree with them, why not admit it? You can agree with them and not be them.. I just wanted you to see whose side you are on, even if you think you are not.

Ahh Sibel... Ever wonder why she is not in prison? Or do you believe that the USA government does not imprison (or eliminate) threats? She is no threat. I don't believe anyone who tells the whole truth gets MSM or Tube time.. too many people who have blown much much smaller whistles remain in prison for me to believe, especially concerning 911, that anyone is telling the whole truth, but rather telling what keeps people from the whole truth and especially justice.. so they tell some truths. OK. Big applause for telling the small truths.

Yes, I heard what Syian Girl has to say in promoting Syria, "The government is good. Government is freedom". Yeah right.

I am not, and have never been, a Reagan fan. I blame him for the war on drugs, which I have lost many friends.. when Reagan said tent, he must have been talking about prisons.

I think the only loss is those who were not real friends. I've heard the worst enemy is an ex friend. I guess it's my turn to find out.

I like your new picture!

Peace be with you.