Comment: And that what the world offers

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And that what the world offers

you have a choice on Earth of a shit sandwich or chunky turd soup.

The age of information in this world is a more shit sandwich and chunky turd soup.

When I started researching how Israel became a state, I was an objectivist, hated all religion, wanted Israel wiped off the map, and attended ANSWER protests and stood with Jews for Palestine.

Ron Paul says Israel should be our best friend. WTF? eh???

Many here don't agree with our hero on this issue, rather, they agree with Ron Paul's greatest enemies. Would be nice if rather than put up a wall to what Ron Paul is saying, they would do more homework.

Ever wonder why there are thousands of anti-Israel links on Google than pro-Israel? Pro-Israel comes from more than the craddle of western religion. And I'm sure you know, not all Christians agree with each other, and expecially Catholics.

I have to go, got homeless to feed.

Have a wonderful day!