Comment: My News Tip to the Local Paper

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My News Tip to the Local Paper

(I'm holding back on names and location waiting to see where the first steps lead in court today... names and town names used below are edited)

NEWS TIP - (town edited) Cheerleder in Court Today...
Mr (dreamer) is a man with a BIG DREAM, a man with the energy of three people, a man a mere 72 years young. When the big auto swap meet arrives each year in (podunk), local gearheads know all too well the enthusiasm Mr. (dreamer) holds for (podunk) OK.

Unfortunately, the bright wonderful dream Mr (dreamer) holds for (podunk) (he doesn't advertise his dream but it's golden... matches his heart and spirit ) and anyway it is now in limbo as the city's code division apparently holds a quite different view for (podunk). The crazy thing here is Mr (dreamer) built his home by his own hands and when built decades ago the town limit was in a far off distance. Today his land sits within the town limits, and in court today he's feeling the hands of government reaching into his pockets. Time will tell if this possibly unconstitutional reach is in the best interest for the town of (podunk).

Court Date Today 2pm in (podunk).... Multiple Code Infractions.
Mr. (dreamer) can not afford legal representation. He does have people across the fruited plains and interwebs praying and cheering for him.

Laugh Hard, Hang Tough, Lend a Hand
Ramblin Randy