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Comment: many voices serve only to provide a STEAM VALVE...

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many voices serve only to provide a STEAM VALVE...

....Ron Paul inspired people to BECOME DELEGATES, learn Roberts Rules of Order, and confront Republican Kingmakers in person at all level, and TAKE SEATS.

Alex Jones is not "on par" with a Ben Swann BTW; in approach or delivery.

We'd best be WISE as serpents. It's more than OK to."follow the money", criticize associations and loyalties, and taboo subjects being avoided.

There's WAY MORE deception going on than most of us can fathom; to many, it's black/white support for AJ or AK, and, there's plenty of trolling going on ALL sites.

No patriot speaking out for Liberty is setting out to "divide" the movement from within, if they are, they.are no patriot. But likewise, don't be deceived so much(emotionally:, that you fail to realize this government doesn't FEAR us, or our rallies where we sometimes waste time, talent, and treasure...they did however FEAR Ron Paul's popularity and show of force at the convention!

The Republican Party is probably NOT worth "saving"; it is however an avenue to get elected...and unless someone who shares our ideals is NOT occupying a representative seat we have NO MECHANISM to fight back or diminish the tyrannical encroachments. Other than violence and a civil war.

What sucks, and I'll say it a million times; we're.still bitching about thieves and liars and murderers and broken campaign promises, and 2014 candidates aren't even a concern. We're just like the sheeple.watching the MSM; rendering an opinion, but taking ZERO action. We just listen to "our flavor" of "alternative media", and we don't recognize MANY of them are making merchandise out of people, and they WILL NOT be sharing/sacrificing their silver and other precious metals to get another Rand Paul in the U.S. Senate, or propel another Justin Amash into the House.

I was told years ago NOT to get involved in politics; as a born-again saint of the living God, the Scriptures say "a wise man winneth souls"! This experience has been a fantastic growing experience for me...I think though...many of us MUST realize, spiritually speaking, we cannot know the depth of what pure evil really looks like, nor how GOOD satan is as the master counterfeiter, disguising himself and his minions as "angels of light".

This country was destroyed, given over, indebted generations ago; but, while we still have the freedom to EDUCATE, we it the Gospel, American History, the evil players, false flag terrorism, precious metals versus real money, WHATEVER it is....our favorite phrase is still, WAHOR.

As was said before me, TRUST no one; knowing what's at stake, keeping our eyes on the prize, every man is subject to inspection of his/her fruit as they "go public" in this cause. For my observation, I will forever recognize imprisoned creation evangelist Kent Hovind's CONTRIBUTION to shape my approach, philosophy, understanding of the deception going on...his material is WORTH a review by all of us...he bore no fruit that he was some charlatan making merchandise out of people and hoarding personal wealth...he knows, we're just pilgrims here, passing through....we can't take any of it with us when we go.