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First of all, I have no reason to believe that Obama would not go to War with Syria. After all, he has already gone to War with Pakistan, Libya, Yemen, and has accepted the false pretext behind the attacks made upon Iran. He's even got Troops in places in Africa, and he also got the CIA to infect Hugo Chavez with Cancer and die on his watch (something even Bush-Cheney couldn't accomplish).

Secondly, he is the key clown that is pushing for Social Security cuts. Even Paul Ryan's budget and Boehner's budget never included actual Social Security cuts. So Obama is clearly ahead of the curve in acting out The Establishment's most prized wishes.

But I agree that anytime you see a coordinated barrage of News Stories (whether scandals or not), you are seeing the deliberate manipulation of popular opinion at work, and this can have political consequences. Obama deserves to be Impeached for many reasons (as an instigator of Worldwide War, Torture, and numerous violations of the Constitution), but the days of a true impeachment in this Country are over, and that will never happen again (unless an anti-War, anti-Wall-Street, pro-worker, truth-teller like Dennis Kucinich was in there).

I think The Establishment wants to control the narrative, but Obama has never threatened them, and it is hard to not look at Obama and fail to say that he's already their boy!