Comment: What is realistic?

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What is realistic?

I think marching on DC is a waste of resources. I'm sorry, I admire Adam's stones for making the call but I think it is going begging for trouble when it is growing wild right outside the door.
(Forgive me for calling attention to this article again, I think it is important to get this woman's story out and I can't make a thread.)

This woman needs us to attend her court hearing. Unarmed, dressed nicely and I would not even carry a sign. We simply have to start showing up at the hearings, every time liberty is on trial. Now, if you want to make July 4 a big nationwide kick off for the effort, that is a great idea, but there needs to be an event in every community. Invite the cops and judges, serve them good organic, home made food, and let them know you are not the enemy, you are their neighbor, and you are a good citizen. Then be a good citizen. (And before the sovereigns eat me alive for using that word, I am trying to convey concepts with the language most understand.)

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.