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Please don't take this wrong!

I am NOT saying you are not trust worthy, I am asking your advice because I do think you are trustworthy.
I am afraid to buy online, I want to"ping" test and weigh them. I have never worried about it when I was making major purchases, there was not much silver counterfeiting going on. But now there is, and I am nervous even buying locally. Now, we play mostly with junk, I'm not sure you would have answers if you don't deal in it, but these are my questions:
Do dealers ping / weigh or otherwise authenticate coins at any point? They have never checked mine when I sold, I assume they assume... and at this point, I don't want to keep assuming.
Would a dealer get bent out of shape if I sat down to weigh and ping every coin before I left? Surely they will not let me leave and come back claiming a counterfeit?
Thanks for your continuing input.

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