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Yup and on one occasion that actually worked for me not against

This is the subject of it's own story but I came posession of this dog, really nifty neato dog and in good faith I contacted it's rightful owners who were OVERJOYED to know I had recovered him but amazed that he was like 400 miles from where he started.

But they said they would be by real soon to get their dog.

And I waited weeks and months and I'd call them now and then to let them know hey, I still got your dog.

Arizona being a range state, the laws are ABSOLUTELY CLEAR. There is and will never be any transference of this property without contract BUT Arizona law is equally clear that I am owed restitution for my care and maintenance of the animal while under my care BEFORE I am obliged to surrender said property.

Well it's been what? 3 years now and let's just say my bill for this maintenance and boarding is ASTRO-FREAKING-NOMICAL. Well in excess of that it would cost to get another dog of the same pedigree. Basically the law gives me this tool to EFFECTIVELY OWN this animal but never to LEGALLY OWN.

What has me curious is this dog is so awesome that I would not sell him ever, not for a million dollars, not for all the money in the world. I wouldn't sell you for that matter. I really don't believe we own animals any more than we own the clouds. Although if you would like to buy some I will certainly sell them to you for ready cash.

Pick any cloud in the sky and I will sell you clear title to it for only $49.99!

There is nothing strange about having a bar of soap in your right pocket, it's just what's happening.