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Comment: So to sum up the chief - as long as you are disobedient

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So to sum up the chief - as long as you are disobedient

within the rules, you are fine.


I feel someone is playing a Jedi mind trick on me.

How can you have disobedience AND stay within the rules? Talk about PC BS.

As to wether this is a good or bad idea?

The 2nd amendment does not give you the right to march wherever you please, with whoever you want whenver you want with loaded weapons. Imagine the chaos if people were just allowed to gather is groups of a few thousand with loaded weapons and go a marching.

But hey - if that is the plan - just please dont do it half assed - do it right - 100% balls to the wall.

For me, I hate going to the local club and shooting sporting clays - that many people in one group with guns makes me nervous - there are always a few knuckleheads everytime that dont point downrange, carry wrong, don't breach or dont have the bolt open(can't count to two and leave one in the chamber - or just think it is easier to load more than two) - and range officers that are not nearly as hard ass as they should be. And thats only a hundred or so people - never mind a few thousand.

I will ask this of Adam though:
As the CO of the company you are putting together, are you prepared to use any force necessary against any member of YOUR group who breaks ranks and does something provocative?
If one member unslings, and chambers - are you going to shoot them?

This is your "militia" and the job of the officer is to maintain order and discipline, not sure how to accomplish this with a group of total strangers - but good luck either way.