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Comment: £250?? Damn, see what govt intervention does??

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£250?? Damn, see what govt intervention does??

to have to buy something that really costs less than £25? Yikes!


well, to be frank, in a truly 'free' world, all should have access to these; even if one were to debate from a strict constructionist minarchist Constitutional paradigm, EVERYONE should have access to same arms as that of the military, period; people often forget what "bear arms" meant in 18th century context: numerous iterations to be sure, but most apropos to 2nd Amd. Constitutional context, meant: "to carry and wield with proficiency."

Which is why anytime gungrabbers counter with "so we should all have nukes?" My first answer is YES, Why not, as long as you can control its damage range? But, a 50sq. mile radius kill-zone and irradiating the land for 5BILLION+ years, is NOT 'wielding with proficiency,' ya dummy!


Besides, even from an AnCap private law/private property rights view, with 'private' nukes, liability is literally priceless (not in a good way), there will be no asinine moron insurance company who will be willing to cover that. But also one would have to weigh one's own morals. That aside, as if there aren't already post-Soviet govt-corporatist manufactured nukes on the black market; govt IS the reason why 'we' have these insane weapons that can literally destroy the entire globe 50,000 (accounting from ICBM's to 'mini-tactical nukes') times over!

In contrast, one can aim their gun and target specific assailants, as can a small grenade to 5~10m radius killzone and the world most popular defensive ordinance delivery system: the Ruskies' ever ubiquitous RPG-7.

Besides, even setting aside their utterly moronic cognitive dissonance in almost wanting to be ruled by their public SERVANTS and the same smallarms they deploy, which they want to ban from their neighbors from, the most rabid hoplophobes have no clue that there are a lot of private citizens in US who already privately own everything from Anti-Aircraft Artillery/guns, field-artillery, tanks, and even Soviet era MiG's, if you're Larry Ellison of Oracle.

Privately owned MiG-29, anyone?

Privately owned Harrier, anyone?

Privately owned Sukhoi Su-27, anyone?

It's like if one already has means to own a $5MILLION combat fighter jet and maintain it, in what unicorn universe do these idiot gungrabbers delude, given time and willpower, that if these same individuals wanted to, couldn't arm these with missiles?

'Decommissioned' only means software and a few hardware blocks, which for anyone with such means can always find a way.

So even now, what determines which 'civilian' can or cannot own these arms, what govt determines is the 'requirement' is nothing more than a tax stamp, as is: it's about FRN's to them, not truly truly about who you are, just because they go through the motion of running a background check to 'grant/allow' who can/cannot own them.

So sick of all the empty logic and hypocrisy. But seems, it will continue until the Republic crashes via currency collapse, and it 'reboots.' Then again, same collectivist statist and their acquiescence to be willfully unaware-of-generational-banksters'-machinations-mindset brought on the collapse, so no guarantee what comes after will be any better.

Only time will tell...

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul