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Don't worry fishy

The reason I wrote my book was to help people understand my own industry. My background was as a financial advisor for over 20 years before I started my own broker/dealer selling gold and silver. I constantly refer people out to other competitive dealers when I can't help them because of quantity minimums or some other issues (like working with someone over the internet). I don't have a coin shop but I also don't have the overhead they do and that's how I keep my costs down.

In my book, I expose my entire industry (the ones who advertise heavily on radio and television at least) as to their pricing so an individual knows what they are doing before they buy (the right questions to ask and what tactics they use to sell higher premium semi-rare and rare coins). I was even instrumental in a $4.5 million settlement in a lawsuit against one of them (Glenn Beck's favorite).

As far as the coins and bars I sell, I only represent known mints and the bars are hallmarked with that mint or the coins directly from the mint. 90% silver coins are a different animal, but for the most part they come in sealed bags that have been pre-authenticated.

I do have clients that are very secretive and have to bend my rules to accommodate them, but since I don't deal with the general public, except locally here in San Diego for certain people, you might be better off dealing locally and just let the dealer know up front what you want to do. If they want your business, I don't think they'll have an issue with things. I read some of your other posts on your experiences dealing locally. I thank God I don't have a coin shop, hahaha!

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