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Right on.

I can remember when I was a kid and grains and other starches were known to be fattening. I remember my mother saying that with occasional exception, there should only be one starch served with a meal because.....starches were fattening.

Then some time in my teens, grains and other starches magically became "health" foods and the government was telling us to eat many servings of them per day to be healthy. The government knows what's best, right? And it only has our best interest in mind, right? ;-)

I remember being puzzled by the 180 degree change, but it sounded cool to me. It was a great excuse to eat more bread, bagels, pasta, potatoes, cookies, Fritos, corn bread etc. But low and behold, everyone got fat and sick. The doctors said it was the fat we were still eating. So all of the low fat starch products came out. But we still got fatter and sicker.

Fortunately, we know better these days. Or at least many of us do.

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