Comment: Did Those members of Congress fall for this??

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Did Those members of Congress fall for this??

Or were they in on it? Sold out, installed through puppet elections.

I would say most are sold out self enriching pigs at the Rothschild zio mafia debt slave central bank corporation fiat trouth.

It would never make sense to think that congress would ever go along with a counterfeit operation that loans the counterfeit money at a COMPOUNDING rate back to the very nation who's currency was counterfeited. The only way and the evidence, money trails prove it out is if most all of them are in on it. So since it's really two sub gangs, or CAPO Democrat and Capo Republican both controlled and funded by shill front corporations of the Rothschild counterfeiter false debt bank corporation it easy to see its not a big task to hijack an entire government.

The real question is: Have governments ever been real? My best answer is NO they all have been useful slave control tools just as religions have.

So in conclusion its one huge criminal evil murderous puppet show. The inbreed detached low witted immoral evil puppet master OZ, err Rothschild family sitting behind the curtain up at the big house vacillating in a ever increasing schizophrenic spiral between absurd power and control having enslaved humanity into false debt and fear that a critical mass of humanity will awaken to the extent of revenge.

This evil puppet show is not worth watching. Its best to avoid participation at all cost.

Enlightened disengagement set me free. It was a decision. It was a responsibility.