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Excellent evidence

but then you declare a verdict.
Understand, I am arguing for TRUTH, not about whether or not this guy was hurt. I accept that I will never know. What I want to know is was there a drill that day? If there was a drill, there were almost certainly actors with fake injuries. Who those actors were is apparently a REALLY good "divide and conquer" issue, but if we determine that the government is continuing that pattern of miraculously timed drills that coincidentally mirror the exact attack that happens, we can force them to stop it.
I am NOT saying "I demand this" I am pointing out that people who declare "This settles it" are usually wrong. There is still room for doubt, and to not leave room for doubt in your own mind leaves you very vulnerable to being deceived. People claiming proof on the one side are ridiculed, banned and called out for it. I'm calling you out for the same "sin" - although at least your sin pleases DPgod.

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