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Comment: Yes, that is his opinion, and yours.

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Yes, that is his opinion, and yours.

It is not mine. Do we have to let this divide us?
Here is a much more comprehensive list of Dr. Paul's comments on the topic.
Do I win? My list is bigger.
I don't agree with you guys, but I consider your opinions valid and would defend your right to be saved from an unwanted abortion. I do not think you should be taxed to pay for them, but then I don't think you should be taxed. Is there enough common ground there that you could stop letting this issue do stuff like this:
If we are wrong, it is God's job to punish us, but many of us feel the woman's rights have "primacy." It is not because we love abortions, want to kill babies, yet that is how we are treated.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.